Barrett, Justin 785-460-0188 P.O. Box 544
    Barrett Law Firm, PA   Colby, KS 67701
Rohr, Christopher 785-460-0555 P.O. Box 545
    Law Office of Christopher A. Rohr, PA   Colby, KS 67701
Stramel, Todd 785-460-3222 P.O. Box 46
    Stramel Law Firm, PA   Colby, KS 67701
Stewart, Cheryl 913-321-8283 110 Freeman Ave.
    Law Office of Cheryl A. Stewart, PA   Oakley, KS 67748
Uhrich, Craig 785-671-1237 222 Center Ave.
    Uhrich Law Firm, PA   Oakley, KS 67748
Peckham, Charles 785-626-3295 P.O. Box 46
    Brown, Creighton & Peckham   Atwood, KS 67730
Holste, Jared 785-626-3221 509 Main St.
     Lewis Beims & Holste, LTD   Atwood, KS 67730

This list is in alphabetical order by city name in proximity and then by last name.  This list is not all-inclusive.



Duane Johnson Bonding Colby, KS 785-462-5507  
Owens Bonding Colby, KS 785-462-2238  
All Out Bail Bonds Hays, KS 785-628-6105  
Barb's Bail Bonds Hays, KS 785-625-6165  
USA Express Bail Bonds Hays, KS 785-483-1665  
Cal-Kan Bail Bonds Salina, KS 785-443-2004  












This list is in alphabetical order by city name in proximity and then name.  This list is not all-inclusive.

The Thomas County Sheriff’s Office does not recommend or endorse any attorney or bonding company.  We are not responsible for errors in addresses, phone numbers, or names.  If any information is incorrect, it is the responsibility of the firm or company to have the information updated.

Inmates may contact any attorney or bonding company he or she chooses.  This list is only supplied as a guide to some local choices.  

Inmates may not take outside calls. Messages will be taken from Attorney’s and Bonding Companies and delivered to you.

We have no control over the acceptance of collect calls made to an attorney’s office or bonding company.  Detention Deputies will not call an attorney or bonding company for you.  You are not allowed to use an office phone to make calls.