Property Allowed in Jail Cells

Clothing – (2) white t-shirts

                   (3) pair of white socks

                   (3) pair of white underwear

                   (1) Thomas County Jail Uniform


Pictures –  Personal photos are allowed in cells, however, no indecent photos will be                            allowed.  Photos will also NOT be allowed to be pasted to the walls of the

                   jail with toothpaste or anything else.  If photos are found on the walls, photos

                   will be removed and placed in the inmate’s locker.


Food -       (3) boxes of cereal

                  (3) Snack cakes

                  (2) Apples

                  (3) Candy Bars

                  Anything bought from commissary


Linens -   (1) pillowcase

                 (1) top sheet

                 (1) bottom sheet

                 (1) towel

                 (2) up to two blankets if we have enough

                 (1) Mattress

                 (1) Pillow


Hygiene -  (1) Toothpaste (from commissary or provided by the county)

                  (1) Toothbrush (the one supplied by the county)

                  (1) Shampoo (from commissary or provided by the county)

                  (1) Bar of soap (provided by the county)

                  (1) Comb (provided by the county)

                  (1) Deodorant (from commissary or provided by the county)

                  (1) Toilet Paper



Misc. -    All personal letters addressed to inmate

                Legal papers provided by the county or inmates Lawyer

                Phone Cards (provided by the county)

                (1) Pad of paper (provided by the county or commissary)

                (1) Pen (provided by the county and should NOT be altered in any way)

                (3) Up to three reading materials (books, or magazines)

                (1) Inmate Rule book


                 Envelopes and stamps (envelopes cannot be kept in box)