Adding Money to an Inmate’s Account

There are multiple ways to give money to someone in our facility.

  • Kiosk in the Sheriff’s Office lobby
    • Accepts Credit/Debit, and Cash (U.S. Currency; bills only)
  • Online
      • Go to “Send Money Now” and sign in or create a new account.
  • Mail
    • MoneyGram or Money Order’s only.  Please do not mail cash as we will not accept it. We will not accept personal checks.
    • Mail to:
      • (Inmate’s Name)
      • Thomas County Jail
      • 275 North Court Avenue
      • Colby, Kansas 67701
  • The only way an inmate can make calls or send messages is if they have money on their account. These are the ONLY 3 ways they can get money on their accounts.