Inmate Related Questions

Can I bring an inmate clothes, stamps, toiletries, etc.?

Due to items available on our commissary list, we do not accept outside items.

Can I bring an inmate their prescribed meds?

Medication may be brought in to an inmate if it is prescribed by a doctor.  The bottle must be correctly labeled by the pharmacy and the seal can not be tampered with.  Tylenol, Aspirin, and IBU can be purchased from our office.

How can I contact an inmate?

If you call our office and request to talk to an inmate, we can NOT transfer calls back to their phones. By policy we can NOT give messages either. They have a separate phone system that they have access to where they can call out from. Phone cards cannot be brought in from the outside; they will not work on the inmate phone system. Most commonly an inmate will receive mail if someone would like to get a hold of them from the outside. Incoming mail to an inmate needs to be labeled as followed:

Inmate Name
Thomas County Jail
275 N Court Ave
Colby KS  67701